My Uncles Passing

Story by Carolyn

This story comes from my parents whom have never, before this time, shown any knowledge or belief in anything other than the here and now.

My mother was called to the hospital when her only brother was dying after a long illness. He had been pretty much unresponsive before my parents arrival. When my parents walked into the room, my uncle put his hand out to shake my fathers. He did not converse with him much, as he was unable.

Very shortly after their arrival my uncle held his hand straight out in the air and was saying "I can't reach you mom, I can't reach you". His mother had been gone for 15 years. Nobody in the room could see anybody in the direction he was looking.

He died very soon after, while still reaching for my grandmother. I believe my grandmother came to take him with her, and it must have been very comforting to him.

It most certainly made a believer out of some who seemed to not believe.