Submitted Stories of the Unknown

These stories were submitted by visitors of this website or were adapted from other sites. All stories are credited to the submitting source.

Picnic in West Virginia

The Mothman of West Virginia

The Black Rains of Europe

The Ghost Children of San Antonio

The Coral Castle Mystery

The Ghost of Hazy Holler

The Little Girl Who Wasn't There

The Unkept Promise

Wall of Ice

Grandma's Ghost

Mirages of Cities and Towns

Legends Haunt the Great Lakes

Knock, Knock, Knoc

The Banshee Death Messenger

The Story of Elizabeth

The Faces in The Floor

The Haunted Hymn

Fetch Me a Doctor

The Holy Shroud of Turin

Phone calls From The Dead

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Ghost's of the USS Watertown

My Aunts Last Goodby

When my Grandmother Died

Failure to Pay

Trapped In Time

A Vision of God

The Invisible Fangs

The Last Breath

Grandma Rosa

The Gift

Up In Smoke - The Bizarre Case Of Mary Reeser

The Unquiet Dead - The Chase Family Burial Vault

A Tug on His Shirt

The Ghosts of the Grange Arts Centre

The Phone Call

The White Witch of Berkley

The Haunted House

My Uncles Passing

My Boyfriends Mother

The Vanishing Man

A Soul in Passing?

A Visit From Jean

The Family Doppleganger