The Silver Ghost

by S.G.Holmes

Jimmies dad was a long hauler. he drove semi's from coast to coast, and jimmy was proud of him. His dad worked hard for his family and was gone a lot, so jimmy and his brother cherished the time he could spend at home with them.

The boys always knew when there dad was nearing home, day or late at night he would sound the big horn, with there special secret signal. Which Jimmy was now quick to point out, as he was older. that Its not so secret since they whole area has heard it so many times. And Know as well as jimmy did that it meant his dad would soon be home. Even late at night when the highways were shrouded in mist of fog, the horn would sound and the boys would wake from even the soundest sleep and run to there mother....Daddys home they would shout. And jimmy and Billy would wait to jump in to his arms as he enter the door.

Jimmy had named his Dad shiny new Mac the day he brought it home when Jimmy was only seven and his brother five. There had been a fog that day and when the Mac pulled on to the road where they lived jimmy had been in the front yard, and the giant trucks came through the foggy mist as if it were a ghost. Jimmy told his dad, then the name he would give the big Mac. "Silver ghost dad" he had said and that was her name from that day on.

Jimmies dad had the name painted on her doors and across her hood. In the five years since that day the big Mac hadn't even started to show her age. jimmy Billy and there dad treated that old truck as if it was family. Washing and waxing between trips. Wasn't work to the boys or there dad it was an act of love for the huge beast. An act of love, and some say the old Mac knew it.

It had been a cold and snowy morning when the boys awoke to the sound of the ghost horn. jimmy looked at his brother has they both smiled. there dad had been gone nearly 5 weeks, and both were as excited as all get out that he soon be walking in the door. They woke there momma, and excitedly said the ghost is coming dads home.

They hurriedly went to the kitchen, where there mother began breakfast and coffee and the boys could watch for the ghost to come up there road from the windows. The smile on jimmies face slowly fades as a state police car pulled into there driveway instead. " Momma" was all he could say, as tears formed in his eyes. the officers told the boys mother there been an accident, a bad one about 12 miles out from town.

It had been six weeks since they buried his father. And yet Jimmy still lay awake at night listening for the ghost. He knew he and Billy had heard the old Macs horn that night the police had brought the news. But even has loud as the Ghost horn was you couldn't hear it from 12 miles away. jimmy wanted his dad so much, these past 6 weeks his pillow tasted his tears each night as he would fall into a sad lost sleep.

The boys lives seemed to be one endless drill now of school and home and deep heart ache. All jimmy wanted in the world was to know his dad was happy and..and missed them. That Monday morning has they grabbed lunches and kissed there momma as they went from the kitchen door to the bus, seemed like another of endless and meaningless days to jimmy. And has he always did as he took his seat on the bus, he looked out the window to the spot where the ghostly had sit, in the yard. A lone tear found its way down his cheek.

the long ride into town use to be fun for jimmy, talking to his friends , watching his little brother silly antics. But now, he felt like the ride just went on forever, and it hurt to be there. The bus had just pull onto miller lane and was turning toward there school. The driver stopped at the rail road racks as the whistle sounded, from the on coming train, less half a mile from the crossing. Just then there was the loud screech of tires and then crushing metal as a pick truck smashed into the rear of the bus.

The force of the impact had been so great that the bus was pushed half way across the tracks and the front exit was jammed up against a telephone pole. The pick up had road up enough on the rear of the bus, to prevent the emergency exit from being used. As the kids began to shake off the impact of the crash, they heard the scream of the train now moving toward them at lighting speed.

The panic caused by the crash was now giving way to the panic of the on coming train. People now were all running to the bus, beating on it, and windows in a vain effort to get to the trapped children inside. jimmy had now shaken the cobwebs from his head he went through the screaming children, fund Billy and wrapped him in his arms. his brother fear only adding to his own. the roar of the trains whistle now was ear shattering, as Jimmy looked desperately for a way to push his brother through a window. He sadly knew there wouldn't be enough time. Billy he whispered hide your eyes OK. And Billy buried his head into his brothers chest. And Jimmy held him and closed his eyes to..and whispered..daddy.

Then a sound..a sound jimmy knew as well as he knew his name.. the sound over powered the trains whistle..and the screaming kids and adults out side. jimmies fear was soon replaced with an over overwhelming joy..the sound...the sound it was the Ghost. Billy looked up into his brothers eyes, both boys now in tears, they fought there way to the rear of the bus, and looked through the rear window...there a deep white mist the ghost came screaming..there secret code blaring loudly from the ghosts horn. all the kids on the bus and people around it stopped and started as the huge silver Mac came flying down rout ten with Heavens Fire blazing from her 18 wheels.

The Ghosts air breaks locked ands screamed as she slid into the wrecked truck blocking the rear door to the bus, knocking it easily out of the way. Then so gently as if from a shove by angels the ghost pushed the crippled bus from the tracks. In those few seconds jimmy and Billy peered into the windows of the ghost..and they saw..they saw there dad, he blew them a the trained barreled into the ghost and she broke apart as if she were only a wall of fog.

The injured children were quickly taken to the hospital and the others hurried to there homes by police and friends. None had died, and jimmy and Billy were unhurt. The story soon spread near and far. And is told late at night, on camp outs and sleep overs every where. many scoff, and laugh. But to a town and to two small boys The Silver Ghost will always live on.

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