A doppelganger also known as a "double walker" is a shadow-self that accompanies every human. Only the owner of a doppelganger can see it, otherwise it is invisible to human eyes. Dogs and cats have been known to see doppelgangers. Providing sympathetic company, a doppelganger almost always stands behind a person, and they cast no reflection in a mirror. They are prepared to listen and give advice to humans, either implanting ideas in their heads.

It is said to be bad luck if it is seen, and rarely a doppelganger will make itself visible to friends or family, often causing great confusion.................

The Family Doppelganger

Story by Chris

I lived in a house in Indiana with my mother and grandmother. It was a very old house and a lot of strange stuff happened in our neighborhood. We believed that there was a "doppelganger" present in the house.

Late one night, when I was very young, my Grandmother was getting ready for bed. It was around 2:30 in the morning when Grandma saw my Mom looking over my crib. She called out to her from across the hall, but "Mother" only looked up and didn't speak a word. Grandma went into the dark room and looked closer but no one was there.

MANY YEARS LATER: The three of us just got back from picking up Grandma from the beauty parlor. Grandma and Mom went somewhere in the house and I was wandering around, room to room. I walked into the living room and saw "Grandma" sitting on the couch wearing the same clothes as she did that evening. I said "hi Grandma" but she just looked at me and didn't reply. At that moment I felt someone or something tap me on the shoulder. I turned around and no one was behind me, so I turned back to Grandma and she was gone.

I walked into her bedroom where her and Mother stood chatting. I asked Grandma "Why didn't you say hi to me," and she replied, "what are you talking about, I was here with your Mother since we got home." I told them about the spirit and they laughed and said I was imagining things.

After I told them, we never saw the spirit again. However, we did feel it's presence and it knew that we had seen it. We had moved out of the house a year ago, and the image of the doppelganger has never left me to this day...