A Visit From Jean

Story by Carolyn

This story occurred at the same nursing home as mentioned in my previous story. A building that dated back to Civil War times and perhaps inherited some very old "spirits" from that era. There were frequent strange events in this old building.

As I came on my midnight shift as a nursing assistant I was told that "Jean" had been sent to the hospital earlier when she suddenly became ill. Jean was a patient that was at the Nursing Home because she was not physically able to care for herself and had no family to help her at home.

She was very alert, but a loner. As she had the room to herself, Jean spent most days and nights in her room watching a local TV channel that listed local events, the weather and played music 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When Jean was sent to the hospital the TV and lights in her room were, of course turned off. After report had been given my co-worker and I ventured to the back of the hall to get ready for the night. Jean's room was in the front of the hall and all was quiet when we passed it. It took us about 45 minutes to get our linen cart ready and answer the call lights of the Nursing Home residents that were most likely awakened by our conversation.

At about 1230 a.m. we walked back up the hall. As we passed Jeans room all the lights were on and the TV was one "her channel" full blast. Scary, but we entered and turned all off. We were kind of spooked the rest of the night, but nothing else happened. In the morning, when the shift changed, the hospital called to say Jean had passed away at 1240 a.m.