A Soul in Passing?

Story by Carolyn

I worked as a nursing assistant in a nursing home for many years. The particular nursing home where I was employed had actually been moved from its original sight, which was a hospital that dated back to the civil war times.

It sure seemed to us that many of the "spirits" came with us on moving day and the building is very prone to "paranormal?" events. Frequently the residents passing did not go unannounced; there are many stories to tell of sightings and happenings. The following was one that particularly remains in my mind, as I reacted so calmly I surprised myself. We were told as we started our shift that "Mary" was very ill and was expected to pass away, but that she had been alert and comfortable when checked before our arrival.

I was training a new employee that midnight and after reporting we began our rounds to patient rooms. We started at the top of the hall; Mary's room was at the end. As we entered the first room out of the corner of my eye I say a foggy kind of shadow either leaving or entering (I couldn't tell) Mary's room. I told the new girl that I thought Mary had just passed and not to be startled if when we entered her room she was gone.

(I thought a forewarning would be a good thing as we had new employees leave when strange things happen, most never came back). We proceed to Mary's room and she had peacefully passed. I'm not really sure what it was I saw, whatever it was, somehow I was sure it was Mary.