The Haunted House

Story by Don Fraser

When I was young, my parents rented a large spooky looking house, It was on a main street, so people would come by and look in our windows Our breakfast nook had a window that only showed a vacant lot.

One day as we were having dinner a very ugly man looked in the window straight at me, I was to scared to tell anyone, so I tapped knees with my sister sitting next to me, She looked at me as if to say what? I nodded towards the ugly man, my sister looked at him and screamed, My father grabbed his sledge hammer off of the back porch, as he was running out to get that ugly man, but the man was gone when my father got there.

From then on, that ugly man with some of his front teeth missing, would look in our window while we were having dinner. On the last day of every month. There was a room at the end of the hall, upstairs, it was known to be haunted, A woman had killed her husband in that room and then turned the gun on herself. No one could sleep in that room, everyone that tried saw the woman standing at the foot of the bed staring at them. My older sister said that's a lot of malarky, I'll sleep in there. She woke up with someone touching her feet. When she opened her eyes she saw her, it was the woman of the haunted room.

The year was 1939 My uncle Parked his large lumber truck in front of the house, he needed a place to sleep, mind you he was a big strong logger . my mother told him the only rooom we had, was the haunted room. He said, there is no such things as ghosts, I'll sleep in the so called haunted room. It so happened there was a bad earthquake that night, It shook that old house pretty well. The last time I saw my uncle, he was running down tyhe hall headed for the stairs, I heard the front door slam and his truck drive off.

Every month at midnight the whole family could hear three knocks on the front door, and then silence. My mother and one of my sisters and an aunt and another lady, held a seance in the haunted room one night, my mother asked if there are any spirets in here, show yourself, With black plastic over the window a bright light shined on the wall, my sister screamed, and the light went out, the group could never get the light back.

My father could not see very well in the dark. One night he woke up and discovered my mother was not beside him. their bedroom door was open and he could see what he thought was my mother, going down the hall with all of her clothes on, when he got out of bed and went to the door to confront her, she was gone, My mother came into the bedroom with her night gown on. She said, I thought I heard a noise in our son's room. my father never told any of us about that insident till years later.

There was an old lady that I can vividly remember, she would stand in front of our house and wave to all five of my sisters to come out.Our parents thought she was a madam and wanted my sisters to prostitute for her. but to me she looked to be a witch and wanted to put a spell on my family.

I went by that old haunted house when I was older, It had been remodled, and looked beautiful. But what I'm about to tell you is fitting. The haunted house is a funeral parlor. And the haunted room is used for embolming the dead.

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