The White Witch of Berkley

Story Submitted by Don Fraser

At the university of Califonia in Berkely A professor was having an affair with one of his female students. They would go to the Berkeley hills and park the car and make love. Then one day the professor decided he was going to make love to a blonde co-ed.

He told the brunette he had found another love. As you can imagine the brunette was angry, She told the professor she would kill that blonde. The legend was said for many years that the brunette would put on a white gown and try to get in the car to kill any blonde that was with a man. She would scratch at the windows and scream. You took my love from me, now I'm going to kill you.

The man seemed to always get behind the wheel and drive off before anything drastic would happen. The white witch was finally caught by the authorities and sent to the insane asylem. She is still in there, saying all blondes will die. So goes the legend of the white witch of the Berkeley hills.