The Ghosts of the Grange Arts Centre

By Carrie Childs

My Grandpa used to work at the college which I am now a student at in Manchester, England. There is a small theatre on the college grounds and It was often his job to lock up there late at night after shows had finished.

He also occasionally worked there during the night, and was allowed to take his dog with him when he did so. The dog was usually well behaved when my Grandpa walked the college grounds with him, except when he came to a particular part near the Grange Arts centre.

For some reason the dog would always refuse to go near this particular part of the College. It would often sit down, in around the same place every time and whine and bark. Other times it would just stop walking for no reason and whine a bit.

Many years before there used to be coal mines where the college was. It was quite common knowledge that there had been a pit fall in the bit near the Grange Arts Centre, and around 300 people had lost their lives.

It's no secret that animals are much more sensitive to spiritual entities than human beings. Could it have been the spirits of those 300 people who perished in such a violent way that frightend grandpa's dog. what do you think?