A Tug on His Shirt

By Roseann and Vincent

The women in my family have witnessed many unusual happenings from generations to generation. now my son has been experiencing some of the same gifts as the many women in our family.

My son is the first male in our family tree to have this happen ( or at least admit it has) While sitting with my son (A 12 year old honor student and as kind and honest as they come) he froze with a look on his face of desperation. He then told me that there was something pulling on the lower center of his shirt.

When I looked down at the back of his shirt I saw that there was a spot in the area that he had felt the sensation that was extended outward as if someone had been tugging on it. I brushed my hand down his back to staighten out the area and to my surprise it was cold.

Our home is not air conditioned so that idea is out. It was a warm afternoon and there was a noticable spot of coldness on his shirt. I looked at him and he looked back asking what or who I thought it was touching him .I could not answer him other than to say someone is watching over you and that is never a bad thing.

He has had other things happen in his young life, for example a bright glowing light in the shape of a ball in the center of the room at my mothers home. This as well sent his hair on end as he ran out and hessitated to tell my mom and I what was going on . It took him some time to tell us and even then he was uncertain he should. He said he did not want us to look at him like he were crazy.

At this point my mother explained only briefly to him that these things happen to special people, and that she believed it was something passed down through family. She answered some questions making very light of the issue at hand and we have since been keeping a record of what and when things transpire. Well I believe these things happen for a reason DO YOU??????

Thanks for reading our story I hope you enjoyed it