The Unquiet Dead - The Chase Family Burial Vault

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Do the dead become restless? Can spirits move ponderous objects about? Of course not, logic and science dictates that both are impossible. Yet both have happened -- over and over again.

In August of 1943, on the island of Barbados, the Chase Family was plagued by bizarre antics in the family burial vault. Time and again, as various members of the family were taken to the crypt for entombment, the coffins inside the sealed tomb were found in disarray.

In each case the heavy capstone was in position, sealed with a thick layer of molten lead and with no trace of tampering. In each case when the seals were removed from the inner door relatives found the inside in shambles -- coffins tumbled about.

The lead covered box containing the remains of Thomas Chase was so heavy it took a eight strong men to lift it, but each time it was found upside down on the opposite side of the crypt. Armed guards placed besidethe vault day and night were unable to prevent further occurrences. ,p> Eventually, the Chase families removed the bodies and re-entomb them elsewhere. In the old Christ Church cemetery, the Chase vault remains, and carved into the thick capstone: a question mark.

Explanation: UNKNOWN.