The Gift

Story by April Rose

My Great-Grandma' Rosa was the most unique women in my family. She possessed a "Gift." And she passed it down to her direct female descendants. My grandmother (Maxine), my mom (Roseann), me (April Rose), and my sister Genie. I call it a "gift" because I know of no other word to explain it. We sense things. We have prophetic "visions" and "dreams." And some of us sense "spirits" or "beings from the afterlife." There are many stories to tell but I will tell one now about my mom.

As a little girl I remember seeing my mom rush into the house one night and turn on the TV. She sat there, eyes wide, watching the 11 o'clock news. A story came on about 15 minutes into the broadcast and my mom started shaking. She looked scared and she even cried a little. I never really knew what that was all about until I got a little older. She told me the whole story when I was about thirteen. My mom would have these "visions." They were of many different things and people. Sometimes it was bad things and sometimes good things.

My mom had a vision one evening. In her vision she saw a car accident. She told my dad about it. It was a man driving...she didn't know him personally. But because of her vision she was able to give details. She knew the man was driving and hit a women in another car. She recognized the place in her vision and knew where it was going to happen. She knew the man's name but not the women's. She knew the man was going to die but that the women would live. She saw that it was evening. And had the feeling that it was about to take place any minute. She was telling my dad all these details and was scared. She didn't know what to do. She wanted to help. To warn these people. But she knew after several minutes that it was too late.

That night she came home from my grandparents house...and immediately turned on the TV. It was time for the local news broadcast. She watched, fearful, praying no accidents would pop up on the screen, praying she wouldn't hear the man's name, praying she wouldn't see or hear anything she had seen and heard in her vision. But it wasn't to be. About 15 minutes into the broadcast... pictures of a fatal car accident popped up onto the screen. For several minutes she sat there watching as the reporter's talked about the accident. They also mentioned the name of the man and said he was D.O.A. (Dead on arrival)

She watched as they talked about the other vehicle, and the women driving, who was taken to a nearby hospital. She was in critical condition, but she wasn't going to die. My mom watched as her vision unfolded right before her eyes. My dad stared at her sympathetically and in disbelief.