A Vision of God

From: An Anonymous Letter.

My mother had just seperated my father and i was about 6yrs old and my brother was only 2.

And only at the age of two we never metioned anything about religion and God or Jesus to my brother. Well we were driving into a housing complex where there was woods on either side of us. When all of a sudden my little brother said "Look mom, its jesus."

At that time my mom was so shocked she didnt know what to say, so she looked over there and didnt see anything. Then my little brother added, "He said don't worry mom, everything is going to be ok." And at the time my mother was in a bad state of depression because she had no income because she was a stay at home mom and she just left her husband.

My mother didn't think that she could make it but after my little brother told her that she had the strength to go on. My brother now has no reccollection of his previous vision but there was never any doubt in our mind that it was all true