When my Grandmother Died

By Larry Turner

My mom and I sat at the hospital the entire night watching over my grandmother as she struggled for life do to complications from the ashma that she suffered with for so many years.

It was early morning around 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. when my grandmother woke up. She was talking to someone and when my mom asked her who was she talking to she said "your brother".

My moms brother had been dead for 7 years, My grandmother said don't you see junior he's over there in the corner. No mama my mother said, there is nobody in the corner just relax everything will be alright. My grandmother continued to talk to him, telling him "Not now junior" "Not now".

finally we called the nurse and they came in to give her something to relax her and she calmed down and we told her we were going home to get some sleep and that we would be back later. Grandma said ok. It was about an hour drive from our house to the hospital and No sooner than the time it took to shower and get ready to go to bed the phone rang.

It was the hospital telling us that grandma had passed away right after we left....

We both broke into tears, and to this day my mom feels that she was trying to hold back and not pass away while we were there.

I've been told over the years that when you are about to die one of your loved ones will come to take you through. In the case of my grandma it was he son junior.

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