From "Mysteries of The Unknown"

Do dreams sometimes constitute a preview of the future? That's a debatable question. For Reverend Charles Morgan, pastor of the Rosedale Methodist Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the answer was YES.

For years the pastor of the Rosedale Methodist Church in Winnipeg was the Reverend Charles Morgan. It was customary for the musical director of the church to make a list of the hymns for the evening services and give it to the pastor. One particular evening, after posting the list, Reverend Morgan retired to his study for a short nap.

He dreamed the of an old hymn and in the background he heard the cry of many voices and the sound of rushing water. It was a disturbing dream. He'd felt as though he had been present at some great tragedy, which he could not see, but could only hear. After the regular services concluded that evening, Reverend Morgan asked the congregation to sing the hymn, "Hear, Father, while we pray to Thee for those in peril on the sea." The date was April 14, 1912.

At the very moment Reverend Morgan's Winnipeg congregation was singing that hymn, the greatest sea tragedy of all time was taking place in the North Atlantic: the sinking of the Titanic.

Explanation -- UNKNOWN