Grandma's Ghost

Story by Michele Dudley

First let me say that I really am glad that this website exists. There are far too many unexplained phenomena that occurs in our daily lives to just continue to ignore them. Thanks to people like you this doesn't have to be the case any longer.

My story may not be the most unusual nor most frightening but I feel it certainly is worth sharing. Twenty years ago my parents moved to Mexico to establish an American resort. Although this resort was very successful and still is today, I wanted no part of this great adventure. I was a teenager who was uprooted from her school, friends and even cheerleading here in the states and I was not very happy about that. After living in Mexico for a year and a half I had finally had enough. I begged my parents to let me go back to the states and live with my grandmother, eventually they give in and I was never happier.

My Grandmother was easy to get along with. She was a retired real-estate owner who had been widowed eighteen years earlier. She was one of the most logically minded and rational people I have ever met. After I had lived with her for about 8 months, she suddenly without warning, became ill. In fact one morning on my way out the door to school, I heard a loud crashing noise and went into her room to find her lying on the floor unconscious. She was turning pale and panic stricken I raced to my great Aunts house next door. (For the record, my family came from the old country, they were Italian, and all lived together as one large family group. My great grandmother who was in her 80's lived with us as well, my grandmother was barely 60) My great Aunt and I raced to the room where my grandmother lay, still unconscious and a pale shade of blue. Above her was a shadowy like substance that seemed to float from the ceiling to the floor.

My great Aunt picked up my grandmother and with my help carried her to the bed, then dialed 911. By the time the ambulance arrived my grandmother, though still pale was breathing well on her own. She was taken to the hospital and received a thorough check up. The doctors could find nothing medically wrong with her, so they began questioning her about the incident. My grandmother reluctantly began recounting the events that led up to her collapse and startled by what they heard the doctors felt that they should commit her to a convalescent hospital for a short period of time.

Behind closed doors in my grandmothers house my siblings and I listened to whispers between my parents and other family member adults to learn that apparently my grandmother had been being chased by the ghost of her dead husband. It seems that on numerous occasions my grandfather had visited her and told her that he was lonely and wanted her to join him. My grandmother had never spoken of this to anyone before and although there was completely no history of mental disorder in my family and most of all surrounding my grandmother, my adult family members concurred with the doctors that my grandmother must have had a nervous breakdown.

My parents decided to move back to the states for a few months until my grandmother had recovered and they again could return to their resort. We all moved into my grandmothers 2 story house. My sisters and I would take the bus to see our grandmother every day. We played cards and laughed, joked. talked about school, boyfriends, just normal everyday talk. My grandmother seemed very well to me, just as she always had.

Back at home weird things were happening! On several occasions the door to my grandmothers room would slam shut, even though none of the windows were open and no breeze was blowing. Once when the door slammed I got up and walked toward the room. In the hallway I noticed this shadowy substance sort of gliding over the carpet and heading towards my great grandmothers room which was adjacent to mine. I followed it down the hall into my great grandmothers room. When I entered the room the door slammed behind and then to my horror locked by itself! I grabbed the door knob and tried to turn it but it would not move.

I began pounding on the door and screaming for my older sisters to let me out. My sisters came racing down the hall towards the door. They tried to turn the knob but it wouldn't move. Just then this shadowy figure went through the wall into my room. I could feel the hair on my arms and neck stand up and I felt a tingling go through my whole body. I again reached for the door handle and this time I was able to open it.

My sisters were on the other side, eyes wide, mouths open staring at the wall to my bedroom. Did you see it? One of my sisters asked, I didn't wait to answer. We ran screaming down the hallway to the kitchen where my great grandmother was cooking and the adults were talking. We told everyone what had happened and they didn't seem to believe us. My sisters and I decided to talk about this with our grandmother the next day. We approached the discussion with our grandmother cautiously, not knowing what her reaction would be, and being somewhat afraid of getting in trouble by our parents or the doctors for bringing it up. However, my grandmother in her usual soft spoken and matter of fact way, began telling us the story about her experiences with this ghostly intruder and then became very quiet.

"He has found me here", she said. "And still wants me to go with him". "Well, he can't have you," I blurted out, "we need you and want you to come home." My grandmother smiled and said not to worry she wasn't going anywhere but home with us. Two days latter I fell asleep in the living room. I was suddenly awakened at 11:30 p.m. The house was dark except for the nightlight in the hall. Everyone else was in their rooms sleeping. I looked around the room and my eyes stopped, focusing in on the figure sitting in my grandmothers favorite chair. It was her!

I stood up and walked towards the chair. In my sleepy state I wasn't sure if she was really there or if I was imaging it, but something told me I had to find out. I felt the strange tingling sensation once again and I came closer to her . I could see her much more vividly. I whispered "grandma, is that you?" As I stood directly over her now. I watched as she turned her head slowly and looked up at me with sort of an expressionless look. My heart was pounding in my chest and I closed my eyes then opened them again. When I did she was gone!

I raced back across the room, jumped back on the sofa and pulled the covers up tight. At that moment the phone rang and I heard my mother scream. She walked out of her room and looked at me, "You know don't you?" she asked, Grandma's dead. I nodded my head yes confirming her question. "She was just here," I whispered, ""I think she came to say good bye." We stared at each other along time and in that gaze I saw she finally believed.

I swear to all of you that this is a true story..But I leave it to you to believe or disbelieve. You decide.

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