Flowers from Heaven

When my Grandma Belle was about to deliver her son Albert it was mid March and though early springs were common In West Virginia it was unusual that the tulips grandma loved so much had already begun to bloom all around the back porch of her home. Grandma loved flowers and tulips were her favorite.

About a week after the tulips began to come in grandma went into labor and her son Albert Lee was born. Tragically baby Albert passed away just two days after he was born due to respiratory problems related to his premature birth.

Albert Lee was buried in the family cemetery in Jackson County. Grandma had asked that nothing be done to Albert's grave because she wanted to put a little white picket fence around it and had asked my grandfather to make a small headstone for it.

In a few days when grandma was feeling better she went up the hill to the cemetery to work on Albert's grave. To her surprise grandma discovered that Albert's entire grave was covered with flowers.

Tulips had spontaneously grown over Albert's resting place completely covering the little grave. Nobody had planted any flowers as grandma had asked, but she always felt it was a gift from her dead infant son to help ease the pain of his sudden passing.