One More Nightmare

In other stories that appear on this website I spoke of re-occurring nightmares that my father and I had experienced. This story is of a re-occurring nightmare that my mother often spoke of.

In this nightmare mother was always driving in a terrible storm in her old Chevrolet convertible. There would always be my mother, my grandmother and my brother and I in the car, my brother and I was always very young in the nightmare and my father was never with us. This is why she was always so frightened in the nightmare as she would never have been so terrified had he been there.

In the nightmare it was always pitch black in the dead of night with nothing but her headlights to punch through the darkness. Mother would be driving as fast as she could, hoping to escape Some impending doom. With a terrible storm raging all around her, there were never any other vehicles anywhere on the road and there were never any lights of any kind on the road. There were never any buildings of any type, no gas stations, no rest stops, nothing in sight in which we could take refuge.

At some point in the nightmare the hurricane force winds that were pushing the car all over the road, would suddenly tear away a portion of the convertible top, She could now hear what she was sure was moans and screams through the howling winds.

One of the most frightening things about the nightmare was seeing the complete terror on the faces of grandma and us kids while she tried to keep the car on the road through the raging storm, suddenly she would lose control and the car would begin to spin uncontrollably off the road and just as we were about to crash she would wake up, unable to return to sleep.

Just as was the case with my father and I, mother's nightmares eventually stopped and she never experienced a nightmare quite like that one again