The Ghost Fight

Throughout the 1950's and 60's there was a house in South Charleston West Virginia that had a couple of "Angry Spirits" who fought a bloody battle the same night every year for 17 years.

The old house was a private residence throughout the 1950's and in the late 60's until it was eventually destroyed in 1970. The story centers on a time in 1953 when the house was the residence of a young couple who liked to have wild late night parties every weekend. These parties sometimes tended to get out of hand until one Friday night two of their guests got into a vicious knife fight in the kitchen of the house, the fight left one man dead and the other with injuries that would claim his life a few days later.

The aftermath of the fight left blood all over the room but what stood out the most was an Erie looking bloody handprint on the wall by the back door. The dead man had braced himself as he attempted to get out of the house only to collapse and die right there on the kitchen floor.

The young couple where quite shaken up by the incident and from that night changed their lifestyle and gave up the wild party life. They also decided to change the look of the house in an attempt to forget that horrible night. They spent several months remodeling the house, spending a great deal of time on the kitchen where the fight took place, completely repainting and reworking the room to the point of it being unrecognizable from before.

The couple then moved on with their lives and had began to put that terrible night behind them, but then.....On the one-year anniversary of the deadly fight the young couple was awakened by what sounded like a fight in the kitchen of the house. Upon investigating the commotion they discovered several chairs overturned and other items strewn about the room and to their horror they saw the same bloody handprint on the wall by the back door.

After witnessing this the young couple vacated the house and in the years that followed who ever lived in the house continued to experience the "fight" every year on the anniversary of the death. And the bloody handprint always appeared on the wall by the backdoor. In the 17 years that the house stood after that bloody fight, several families attempted to live there but the annual ghostly battles and the emergence of the bloody handprint always proved too much for anyone to live with.

In 1970 the State of West Virginia destroyed the house. To this day nothing has been built on the lot where the house once stood.