Another Nightmare

Just as I told of a nightmare that haunted me as a child, my father often spoke of a nightmare that haunted him well into his adult years.

As a teenager growing up in the town of Sissonsville, West Virginia my father often ran around with a group of local boys as most youngsters that age do, one of the boy who we will call 'Bobby" for the purpose of this story Was a close buddy of my fathers and even dated one of my aunts.

My father would say that he and Bobby would talk about what they would do when they got older and moved on with their lives, however Bobby was tragically killed one night by a local town constable under "suspicious circumstances" and it hit my father pretty hard.

Years later after my father had married and my brother Sid was born, he began to have a re-occurring nightmare about Bobby. In the nightmares he would see him at one on the hangouts they used to frequent as kids, standing alone in a corner looking out a window.

My father would approach him and ask, "Is it you" to which Bobby would reply "Yes Casey It's me". My father would half joking say "You don't look so good buddy" to which Bobby would reply "You wouldn't look very good either if you were dead as long as I've been" and turn to face my father with a decaying face and body of a corpse.

My father would always wake up at that point and it took a while to get that image of his buddy's decaying face out of his head. He would continue to have these re-occurring dreams through most of his adult life until he finally Made peace with it´┐ŻAnd then the nightmares stopped.