Our Mothers Passing

Our mother suffered from emphysema for nearly 25 years and finally succumbed to the disease in 1995. I always remember the night she passed away as I believe she saw the spirit of my father and grandmother in the room.

In the weeks preceding her death, mother said she had been having "visions" Or dreams if you will of both my father and grandmother who had both passed on. I believe mother knew her time was short and on the afternoon of her death I was on business in Marysville, Michigan when I received a page from my aunt Violet that mother's time was near. By the time I got to the hospital in Trenton, Michigan she was in and out of consciences and really struggling for breath.

Suddenly my Mother opened her eyes and my aunt Violet and I both saw her looking up in the corner of the hospital room to her left, her eyes were wide open and she was trying to get my aunt and I to look as well. She was also attempting to tell us something but the oxygen mask now on her face prevented it. After a few minutes of staring at that corner of the ceiling she suddenly began breathing easy and a relaxed look came over her face as she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Mother never woke up and later that evening she passed away.

Did my father and grandmother come that afternoon to see mother to the next world? I truly believe they did.