The NightMare

As a child I had a Re-Occuring nightmare that took me many years to get past. In the dream it always took place in the house I lived in as a small child. It was layed out in such a way that it had an L-Shape to it that would allow you to be in the corner of the dining room and turn right and see the living room while looking straight you would be looking into the kitchen and stairs to the basement at the far end of the kitchen.

In the dream I was always about 7 of 8 years old and playing on the floor in the corner of the dining room while my parents were entertaining guests in the living room not 20 feet from me but the clear view was blocked by the dining room table.

Suddenly a scary evil looking old man would peek from around the corner in the kitchen and catch my eye. At first I would think I imagined it but then it would happen again and after he knew I noticed him he would very slowly come up the last couple of steps into the kitchen. Somehow this evil looking old man had been in our basement and was now slowly creeping across the kitchen floor, out of view to my parents and their guests, but getting closer and closer.

I would try to get up and run but I couldn't move, I would try to just move my arms to make a gesture of some type but It always seemed as if I was paralized. I would try to scream or call out to my parents in the next room but I couldn't make a sound, as if my vocal cords were frozen.

As the old man got closer he would always seem to know I couldn't move or make a sound and he would nod his head and laugh with a sinister toothless grin as if to say I know I got you.....And as he would get right next to me and reach out to grab me I would always wake up in a cold sweat......

I had this terrible dream many times until I was about 15 years old or so and It was only after discussing it repeadedly with others that I finally got over it.