The Old Woman in Black

As a young girl my grandma Belle would hear relatives and neighbors speak of "The Old Woman in Black" she would usually be seen at dusk walking across a field or through the woods and usually just a few days days before the death of a relative or loved one.

Grandma never paid much attention to this until one rainy summer evening when she was about 16 years of age. As grandma was walking home from a friends house she saw the old woman, she was an elderly looking lady in a black dress that someone of that time might wear to a funeral, she had long gray hair and seemed to be totally uneffected by the steady rain as she slowly moved across a corn field toward the house next door where grandma's aunt Cara lived.

Grandma was no more than 20 yards from the old woman standing nearly in front of her path and could clearly see her and grandma knew the old woman had to be able to see her as well but she never acknowledged grandma, instead she slowly continued on through aunt Cara's front yard and around the rear of the house.

Grandma quickly went home to tell her mother of the old woman and she and great grandma Minnie went to aunt Cara's house and grandma told aunt Cara of what she had seen. But aunt Cara had seen no one and there were no footprints or any other evidence that anyone had been walking on the rain softend ground.

Grandma began to doubt what she had seen until 3 days later when Aunt cara's husband Uncle Jordan died suddenly of a heart attack..........Perhaps the old woman was an "Angel of Death" that had come to take Uncle Jordan to the next world.