Grandpa's Promise

When I was born my grandfather Clarence Young was working as a contractor lineman in south Florida, while he was in Florida my grandmother was staying with my parents helping take care of me and my older brother after my mother went back to work. I was born in early September and grandpa promised my mother and grandma that he would be home by Christmas and was very excited to see me.

However grandpa was killed in an industrial accident while on the job in Miami Florida in early December and never got the chance to fulfill that promise to grandma. After grandpa's funeral my grandma continued to stay with my parents through the holidays, and on Christmas eve a strange event occurred.

While both my parents were out doing some last minute Christmas shopping grandma was busy doing some last minute cleaning and decorating as my parents were expecting a lot of company during the holiday period. Grandma was of course feeling a bit down as she was facing her first Christmas without my grandpa since World War II. Grandma decided to make herself some coffee and relax for a while but before sitting down she thought she would check on me in the the nursery.

as she approached the nursery she heard me giggling and laughing in my crib. Grandma stopped at the doorway and looked across the room to see me laying in the crib looking up and giggling as though I was being tickled by someone. Grandma continued to observe me as I now began to kick my feet and began reaching upward as if I wanted to be picked up. Since the crib had been moved to the other side of the room away from the window so I wouldn't catch a draft from the winter winds, there wasn't even a mobile or anything else that may have caught my attention.

As grandma slowly approached the crib I finally quit giggling and stopped looking up at the ceiling, and as grandma reached the side of the crib she said I simply rolled over and grabbed the rattle laying next to me and began to play as I normally would.

Grandma always felt that grandpa had kept his promise and made it home for Christmas that year to see me. She could see no other reason why I would be giggling and reaching up as if I wanted someone to pick me up when no one was in the room with one except grandpa?