Links to the Paranormal

WVGhosts.Com - An excellent site containing True Ghost stories from West Virginia and much more.

Mysterious Heartland - A Ghost Investigation and Information site

The Shadowlands - The Gold Standard of Ghost Story sites with over 1700 stories
The Ghost Web.Com - The Home Page of The International Ghost Hunters Society
Paradox Paranormal Research - The Home of the Paradox Paranormal Research Team

One Step Beyond - Out of Body Experiance research site

The Sacred Sites Web Page - This site explores sacred sites like Stonehenge & The Pyramids

Mexico's Zone of Silence - An area in Mexico where Radio and T.V. signals cannot be picked up

The Lake Michigan Triangle - Anomolous Phenomenon in The Lake Michigan Triangle

Aliens in the Bible - A Biblical Perspective of Supernatural Entities and Phenomenon

Ghost Research Society - Home page of the Ghost Research Society
Nightmare's Peak Homepage - A Good sized Paranormal Link site

The Secret Passage - A very unique layout for a Ghost Story site

The Sedona Vortex - A good explaination of a vortex (spiraling energy)

World Power Spots - A study on the Worlds Power Spots by Lyssa Royal Holt

Twilight Ghost Links - Yet another Ghost story and link site!!

Urban Legends Reference Pages - An outstanding site with info on all the urban legends

The Restless Souls Page - A good Ghost site with stories, links and pictures

Nostradamus - Could he see the Future - A Good Biography on Michel de Nostredame